Yoga & The City: Amy Miller

Written by: Andrew Stuart

This week for yoga I decided to head back to the Zen Body studio… specifically because I wanted to take a class with Amy Amy Miller - Zen BodyMiller, the owner of the studio. I had watched Amy teach at I AM’s Yoga in the Park series, but I had yet to actually participate in one of her classes. I was having a rough day…sore from work, tired from kids waking up in the middle of the night, and dealing with a steady downpour of rain all morning. Any other day I probably would have enjoyed listening to the rain and watching it splish-splash in the puddles outside my window…but the fact that I had to run around in it to take care of some errands with my kids in tow, was not fairing well with me. I needed some relaxing and restorative yoga.

As always, when I arrived at the studio for her class, I was cheerfully greeted by the hostess Jessica (one of the other wonderful yoga instructors at the studio)…coupled with the calming feeling that I get from walking into the zen-like studio, I was already feeling much better and looking forward to Amy’s class. Amy always appears calm and collected, and her voice can be very soothing…ideal if you’re wanting a yoga class that’s relaxing, which is exactly what I was needing at that moment.

Amy is not only a certified yoga instructor, but also a certified wellness coach, and you can tell that pretty quickly if you take one of her classes. During class, in-between giving the directions for the next pose, Amy would provide little tidbits of information for breathing, posture, nutrition, or just general wellness. And even if some of the information was something you had heard before, I believe it’s always useful to hear those things repeated for mental reinforcement.

Amy was teaching one of her Gentle Yoga classes that day…which is a great stretching and relaxing class that’s suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Zen Body also offers both hot and unheated classes, which can be a plus for many who have a preference for one or the other. The variety of classes available at Zen is definitely one of it’s greatest advantages to any yogi.

Amy spoke with me after class and told me about some of the exciting classes and workshops they have coming up…and all of them sounded pretty cool. The first thing they have planned is the Glow Zumba workshop coming up soon on July 26th. It’s a Zumba fitness class with a bit of glow party added in to make it not only a healthy workout, but a fun time as well. So grab the brightest neon clothes from your closet (or go buy some if you don’t have any) and head on over for a great time.

In August, Zen is introducing an aerial yoga class. Aerial yoga has intrigued me since I first heard about it last year. I haven’t heard of any studios in the Tulsa area offering classes in aerial yoga, but with the increasing popularity of the acro yoga classes around Tulsa, I can’t wait to see aerial yoga in action.

Lastly, Amy was telling me about her upcoming “21 Days to Well” workshop program in September. This is a workshop Zen has offered before, and they continue to add to it to make it more beneficial to those attending. As Amy told me more about this workshop, I was surprised with everything they were including in the workshop. You’re receiving one-on-one coaching and personal assistance over the three week-long workshop. It looks like a great program!

If you’re looking for more information about the studio or it’s many classes and workshops, I would suggest checking out the website ( or going by the studio and talking with them personally.


Find out more about Zen Body:

6024 S. Yale
Tulsa, OK 74135
Tel: 918-388-8799

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